Who are we?

Hi, my name Aric Armstrong. I live in Fredericksburg VA. After working in the US Military 12 years I decided that I would be more of an asset as a DoD Civilian. After working with the Government and Contracting Companies I was laid off. My wife and I went threw many years of trails and tribulations but after a few years we decided to keep me at home. I’m now a stay at home Dad were I take care of our three children. They are great and I enjoy spending at much time as I can with them.

As a boy, my Mother let me help her cook in the kitchen, where I learned the basics of fallowing a recipe. Before I joined the military I worked in a Gourmet restaurant in North Carolina. I was taken under the Executive Chefs wing, Troy Brindle, where he taught me the joys of cooking and making your own recipes. I fell in love with BBQing and camping.

My desire is to move up the competition food chain and learn to Grill and win championships like the best in the World. Please follow me in my quest to unwrap the secrets to a championship Rub, Sauce, and a cooking methods the champions use.


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